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Store Closing Sale

We,Japanese handicrafts shop, decided to close our shop. So, we start  store Closing Sale. Big chance for getting Japanese handicrafts at very inexpensive price!

First of all, we assert that you can not buy genuine Japanese folding fans at cheap price under US$20, and, please keep in mind that even Japan's online store are selling folding fans made in China as Japanese folding fans on the internet.
If only you could know that you won't be able to recognize the quality unless you use such fake Japanese folding fans!.

But, we release very easy methods which you can distinguish genuine Japanese folding fans from fake goods, so please read carefully.

How to distinguish between genuine Japanese folding fans and fake goods (=made in China)

Please see below.(photo of fake item )

If there is no curves like this throughout entire length in the closed condition, the quality is extremely bad because such fake folding fans will be damaged like this after you open and close several times.

In other words, fake item (Made in China) lacks durability, so it is not utility goods but mere party goods.

Needless to say, all folding fans in our shop is "made in Japan", but please keep in mind that there is a case that Japanese craftsmen finish folding fans by pasting Japanese paper (=Washi) after bamboo ribs only have been imported to Japan from China. Our shopping service provide really valuable folding fans at inexpensive price.

it's gunuine !

Japanese folding fan can be classified according to the uses and raw material.

1. Utility folding fan
When Japanese woman wears KIMONO, she needs Japanese folding fan as accessories in many case. Raw material is Washi or Chemical fiber and please note that the quality quite differs by the following conditions.

* about the relation between the number of bamboo ribs and the quality

If the number of bamboo ribs of folding fans are under fifteen, the product is cheap souvenirs for travelers or promotional goods.
Though the number of ribs are 25-35 ribs in usual cases, it does not mean that the more there are many bamboo ribs, the more it is better quality.

* about raw material

Sometimes, you would view a expression of so-called silk folding fans on the internet, but we assert that such expression is never swindling because expression of silk folding fans(=KINU sensu in Japanese) is mere industrial jargon in Japan. In other words, there is the fact that even The Japanese use such expression for folding fans made by chemical fiber.

On the other hand, folding fan can not be thought without "WASHI" which is Japan's traditional paper. Japanese folding fans will not lose its shape even if opened and folded at several thousand times, because "WASHI" has extreme durability.

* Weight of Japanese folding fans

Though it may be strangely impressive, it is the crucial factor of deciding the quality of Japanese paper folding fans that the folding fan have subtle heaviness. When you hold up folding fans and feel slight weight, the folding fan is best quality.
Here's why :
1. Japanese paper folding fans are made by pasting several Japanese Paper. The more folding fan has pasted by the more paper, the more heavy the folding fan is.
2. Such Japanese folding fans mean that the number of pasted Japanese Paper sheets is more. In other words, it's more durable i.e. high quality.

2. Decorative folding fan

Unlike in the case of utility folding fans, an overwhelming majority of decorative folding fan are made by Japanese paper (=Washi) and bamboo ribs. Probably it would be the most inexpensive home decor for creating an aura of Japanese traditional culture.

3. Folding fan for Japan's traditional dance
All folding fans for Japan's traditional dance are made by Japanese paper (=Washi) as well as decorative folding fans. Though there are many schools of Japanese traditional dance in Japan, so-called Geisya have great skill of Japanese traditional dance. The ribs are lacquered ribs without exception. (Strictly speaking, there are two kinds, which is for training and for acting on stage.