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The dimensions of Hakata doll
Hakata doll, named after production region (Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka prefecture) in Japan, features handcrafted process. Very roughly speaking, the handcrafting process consists of four process.
1.At first, craftsmen form a model with plaster.
2.Craftsmen jam clay into plaster's model and peel plaster in due course.
3.Craftsmen dry clay's doll with kiln.
(Firing temperature in kiln : it's range about 800-900, and so Hakata doll isn't pottery's doll but a kind of earthenware. In case of pottery, it's range about 1100-1300)
4.At the end of process, craftsmen paint clothes. (To make short of a long story, Hakata doll wear no Kimono, which is Japan's traditional dress.) And so, Hakata doll features exquisite
facial expression and the exquisite color scheme inspite of very inexpensive price. (On the other hand, it is the greatest fault that Hakata doll easily breaks.) Please note that craftsman's name or workshop's name is essential factor as for Hakata doll because the division of labor between each workshop is impossible for handmade process. Please see below for more information.

Overview of history of Hakata doll
The beginning of Hakata doll can be traced back to Munehichi Masaki and Seibei Nakanoko as the generally accepted opinion. - The former had created luxury items for Japan's liege lord and Buddhism temples (about A.D.1601- ), the latter began to create earthenware's doll as folkcrafts (about A.D.1818 - ). That is not to say that they directly were the originator of contemporary Hakata doll, because they didn't paint clothes on their works.

Though Hakata doll features distinctive molding and beautiful coloring, molding technique is near scrulpture and technique of coloring is similar to draw a picture. At the end of 19th century, a man whose name is Rokusaburo Shiramizu (1867-1927. Please see tree diagram below.) began to study oil paintings for coloring of dolls under instruction by Itusyo Yada who is oil painter, and it's surprising that he did learn anatomy for molding of Hakata doll as university auditor under Professor Koujirou Sakurai during two years at Kyushu university. (Though it is unbelievable , they could practice dissections on human bodies at kyushu university for their reference because Rokusaburo Shiramizu and his pupils did want to know structure of human body for molding of Hakata doll. )

Then, Rokusaburo Shiramizu and his pupils (e.g.Yoichi Kojima and Kihei Harada.) strove and made a approach to create excellent art works. In other words, they made a Model of Hakata doll just like sculptors ,and painted clothes as well as oil painters. The final objective for them was to bring Hakata doll close to art, and their doll had a great influence over other craftsmen of Hakata doll.

As the result of their efforts, Yoichi Kojima was awarded the gold prize in Pari world's exhibition held in 1925. Kihei Harada and Yoichi Oayu was awarded the silver prize in the same world fair. This was exactly what Hakata doll got worldwide fame, and Hakata doll thereafter was exported to many countries. Though that is the very birth of contemporary Hakata doll which you often see on the internet e.g. e-bay, we must remember their efforts whenever we see Hakata doll. For example, Michio Oonishi is the pupil of Hiroaki Tukumo whose master craftsmen is Rokusaburo Shiramizu. (Please view Dauntless Samurai and Coquettish Maiko, you will be able to confirm traditional technique which is handed down from master craftsmen to the pupil.)

[About stickers of associations]
Whether or not you bought genuine Hakata doll will be identified by confirming stickers of associations on the bottom of dolls. Supposing that you can not confirm stickers, the doll may be "made in China" or is doll handcrafted by outsider's craftsmen from Hakata doll's association except for antique and secondhand items. Please note that there are no stickers on very inexpensive dolls even in genuine doll in many case.

Tree Diagram of craftsmen (workshop) for Hakata doll
Please note that the following tree diagram includes the deceased e.g. Seibei Nakanoko who were the progenitor of Hakata doll, Rokusaburo Shiramizu who were the practical originator. Probably you will be able to know most of Craftsmen's name (workshop).

Prime master craftsmen The pupil The pupil The pupil The pupil  
Chiyozo Urasaki---------- Kaname Urasaki---------- Youichi Urasaki
Genzou Gotou------------ Tatuo Gotou (Kenzyu)        
same----- Seichi Oota        
Tatumi Fukushima-------- Horoshi Aoki        
same----- Suekurou Ihara----------- Terushi Tanizaki      
same----- same------- Takeshi Tushida      
same----- same------- Syougorou Katuki      
same----- same------- Yoshimi Itou      
same----- Akimitu Inatomi        
same----- Jinzou Shibata------------ Touo Shibata      
same----- Noriko Sugimoto        
Seibei Maesaki ----------- Seijirou Matuo------------ Kenichirou Kanekawa---- Akira Satou    
  same-------- Fude Matuo-------------- Akitoshi Matuo    
Rokusaburo Shiramizu--- Yoichi Kojima------------ Shinrou Takao------------- Iwao Togime    
  same-------- Ichiharu Yoshino      
  same-------- Yasoji Takao-------------- Kougai Nakamura-------- Kusuo Fuji  
      same--------- Hidetugu Shirayuwa  
      same--------- Masaaki Sakamoto  
      same--------- Nobuhasi Nakamura  
    same---------- Masayoshi Asano--------- Noritoshi Kaneko  
    same---------- Nobuteru Yamamura    
    same---------- Kazutoshi Shiraiwa-------- Hiromi Satake  
      same-------- Kaoru Shinozaki  
      same-------- Kenji Oda  
      same-------- Kooji Shiraisi  
  same------- Hiroaki Tukumo----------- Michio Oonishi    
    same--------- Yuuichi Tukumo    
    same--------- Hideo Kitaoka------------ Syuuichi Kimoto  
    same--------- Takao Takayama    
  same------- Torao Kawasaki---------- Syuuichi Kawasaki    
    same--------- Yukiko Kawasaki    
    same--------- Yasuhiko Hirakawa------- Tuyoshi Kumagaya  
    same--------- Yukihiro Takano    
    same--------- Yuuji Matuo    
    same--------- Hiroshi Tanaka    
    same--------- Takashi Miyake    
    same--------- Hiroo Honda-------------- Yuuji KOfukugawa  
      same-------------- Syouji Kajiwara  
      same-------------- Keiji Nagatomo  
      same-------------- Tutomu Hayashi  
      same-------------- Katuhiro Nishio  
      same-------------- Yosiaki Satou  
      same-------------- Tosiya Honda  
  same------ Choujirou Inoue----------- Akiko Inoue--------------- Hidekazu Inoue  
      same-------------- Yoshituki Saitou  
    same-------- Genzou Muneda    
  same------ Zenjirou Hirano      
  same------ Haruo Fykuzawa---------- Hironori Fukuzawa    
  same------ Tetusaburou Saitou-------- Kuniaki Takeyoshi    
    same-------- Susumu Ueki    
    same-------- Toshiyuki Uekawa    
    same-------- Nagayoshi Kuromizu    
    same-------- Kazushige Komori    
    same-------- Tetuto Saitou    
    same-------- Seitarou Muroi    
  same----- Kazuyoshi Kojima      
  same----- Fumio Matuo      
  same----- Shigemaru Tujishita-------- Akimasa Tada    
  same----- Yoshiko Nagano      
  same----- Hitoshi Kameda      
  Kihei Harada --------- Kichitarou Harada--------- Kazuto Fuji    
    Osamu Harada      
  Yoichi Oayu---------- Shirou Ikuno      
  same----- Yasuhiko Kojima      
  same----- Masahiro Oayu      
  same----- Takuma Oayu      
  same----- Umio Oota---------------- Hidemi Tanaka    
    same---------- Makoto oota    
    same---------- Minoru Manabe    
  same------- Chikao Nakano----------- Kyuugo Morimoto    
    same------------ Eiki Masunaga    
    same------------ Shinichi Nakano    
    same------------ Hiroshi Nakano    
Seikichi Mitarai-------- Ginnosuke Inoue---------- Shigeru Misaka----------- Nobumasa Kunisaki------- Masayuki Kunisaki  
    same----------- Yukiko Misaka    
  Yukiko Misaka------------ Tetusaburou Nakamura---- Takeshi kawashima    
    Minoru Nakamura--------- Takeshi Nakamura    
    same--------- Yasunori Ono    
Kumajiro Shiramizu------ Hachirou Shiramizu-------- Munekuni Shiramizu      
  same---- Masaoki Shiramizu-------- Hideaki Shiramizu    
    same--------- Susumu Michinori    
  same---- Osamu Shiramizu      
Seibei Nakanoko--------- Yoshizaburou Nakakoko-- Ichibee Nakanoko--------- Hachiemon Ituki----------- Moshirou Tobata--- Zyunkichi Tobata
      same----------- Hisao Koga--------- Kanichi Koga
  same---- Tami Nakanoko----------- Fukiko Nakanoko    

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