Mystic Puzzle box YOSEGI (4 moves)

It is crucial that Japanese puzzle box are not mere puzzle box in comparison with other puzzle box that is only toys. Geometrical figures, which are not pictures but natural wood colors, is peculiar to this Japanese puzzle box. Such products is producing at HAKONE region only even in Japan, and they are called HAKONE YOSEGI SAIKU in Japanese. The first step of procedure for producing Japanese puzzle box is to making TANEITA, which are made by interlocking and compressing several wood piece and are called at TANEITA in Japanese. (TANEITA just corresponds to the cloth in dress making.) Then the production method can be roughly classified into two groups ; 1. pasting method with TANEITA, 2. interlocking method with TANEITA. Therefore, needless to say, Japanese puzzle box is excellent handicrafts in Japan. If there are no instructions, nobody can open this puzzle box. So, The products below are called HIMITUBAKO in Japanese (the meaning is personal secret box) and it is very popular souvenirs in Japan.
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Japanese puzzle box   Opened puzzle box
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    Item # : B-1
  Name : Mystic Puzzle box YOSEGI (4 moves)
  Size : H2.2inchs, W3.6inchs, D2.4inchs [H5.5cm, W12cm.D12cm]
  Price : US$13


  [Notes] Geometrical figures are not pictures. This box is made by complicatedly interlocking small wood pieces. You must pull interlocked wooden pieces four times according to the instructions. This products is curious traditional handicrafts in Japan. This goods is made at HAKONE region in Japan.
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Ordinary Shipping by standard airmail parcel US$5
EMS US$12 - US$15
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