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  Item name   Item #   Price Viewing details   Remarks
  Mystic Puzzle box YOSEGI (4 moves)   B-1   US$26    
  Amazing Mystic magic box (Cigarette Case)   B-2   US$19    
  Keychains - Japanese sword   C-6   US$8   Sold Out
Japanese Kanji tie pin JK-1 US$5
Japanese Kanji Bracelet JK-2 US$10
Japanese Kanji pendants JK-3 US$6
Japanese Kanji Earrings JK-4 US$4
  Japanese lacquer, Pen   P-1   US$ 23    
  Japanese lacquer, Compact Mirror   P-2   US$ 24    
  Japanese lacquer, Hand mirror   P-3   US$ 20    
  Japanese lacquer, Compact Mirror #2   P-4   US$24    
Furoshiki Bags-Murasaki Shikibu R-1 US$13
Furoshiki Bags-Sakura R-2 US$14  Sold Out
  Japanese sandals cell phone strap   S-9   US$7  
  Kawaii Maiko cell phone strap   S-10   US$8  
  Coloring of Ukiyo-e for adults-Utamaro #1   U-3   US$ 8  
Ukiyo-ei brooches U-10 US$6