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It is at the heart of Japan's traditionalhandicrafts that skilled craftsmen elaborately make products. That is, using raw materials native to Japan, and processing by traditional method - then elaborating on them by skilled craftsmen is leading to the best quality of Japanese handicrafts. On the other hand, it's expensive in the first expression. Considering the quality, Japanese handicrafts are not necessarily expensive. But far more than that, you have to spend great expense for traveling to Japan, and so you can't easily purchase Japanese handicrafts and souvenirs at your countries. When spring is in the air, we, Existenz Co., Ltd, named after a word in book of a famous philosopher, had set up shop as Japanese handicrafts shop in May 2004 on the internet.
Please keep in mind that you will view many fake Japan's handicrafts, on the internet. (Example: Japanese
folding fans made in China)
By contrast, in our shop, you will be able to get various
information about Japanese handicrafts and enjoy online shopping of Japanese handicrafts (e.g. Japanese home decor), Japanese gifts, and souvenirs from Japan at reasonable price. Moreover, since we had gathered fun, rare or really and truly valuable products they will illustrate Japanese people's character. ( If you have interest in employee evaluation, please view Employee Evaluation Rank)
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